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Supported apps with Gasket

Connect apps

Connect one or more of the apps you use to Gasket to get started pulling data. We’re constantly adding support for new apps to our ever-growing collection – and we take suggestions!

Examples of Gaskets

Create a Gasket

A Gasket is a customised view of data from one or more of your apps, allowing you to order, filter and join its contents. Easily import your Gasket to Google Sheets, or export the data to multiple different formats.


Keep your data up-to-date effortlessly.


Make sense of your data with powerful filters.

Examples of Gaskets

Link data across apps

Joins let you maintain the relationship between data fetched from different apps. A good example of this is making names line up with their correlating addresses from a different set of data.

Examples of Gaskets

Sync to Google Sheets

Once you’ve created your Gasket, sync it to Google Sheets to continue working in your favorite spreadsheet software. The Gasket add-on is the easiest way to keep your sheets up-to-date with your data sources.

Bring your data to life

Automate the process of collecting and handling data by connecting your SaaS apps to Gasket. Work visually to combine data from multiple sources and create powerful workflows – no formulas required.

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